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 International Associations

DATTA - South Australia


DATTA - Victoria


DATTA - Western Australia








INTAD - Queensland






TENZ - New Zealand



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  Download our two-page 'Software as a Service' brochure - Jan 2009 >>>

  Suggested School Funding Strategy - Jan 2009 >>>

  Newsletter - OnGuard Safety Training on a Trade Mission to China - April 2009 >>>

  Download our ten-page Service Agreement - May 2009 >>>

  Download our NEW two-page full colour OnGuard ACEPro brochure - May 2009 >>>   

  Duty of Care', 'Foreseeable Risk' and 'Principles of Negligence' - June 2009 >>>

  Duty of Care and Negligence. in the Workplace - June 2009 >>>

  Exercising your DUTY OF CARE with OnGuard Safety - June 2009 >>>

  Safety in Action - after the WorkCover Investigation - June 2009 >>>

  Download the OnGuard Rapier Man icon for desktops June 2009 >>>


 Download workplace safety resources...

New South Wales

WorkCover NSW

When an Inspector Calls

Due Diligence at Work

Risk Management at Work: Guide

Safe Use of Tractors: Guide


Department of Employment and Industrial Relations

Key health and safety tips for teachers

Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995
Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2008
Plant Code of Practice 2005

Noise Code of Practice 2004
Manual Tasks Code of Practice 2000
Hazard and Risk Management Code of Practice 2007

Occupational violence
Occupational stress
Vaccine preventable diseases
Hazardous materials
Hazardous substances Advisory Standard 2003
Guide for preventing slips, trips and falls

Working around electricity

Manual Handling

Key health and safety tips for carpentry and joinery

Injury statistics for carpentry and joinery

First aid code of practice 2004

Manual tasks code of practice 2000

Plant code of practice 2005



WorkSafe Victoria

  MSDS database systems

  Tractors and Other Powered Mobile Plant - Requirements for Use

  Maintaining plant in safe working order

  Wood dust - Health hazards and control

  Knives in the meat and food industries - Safe use and maintenance

  Guarding of Machines

  Lock out and tagging of plant

  Your health and safety guide to Manual handling

  Your health and safety guide to Hazardous Substances

  Your health and safety guide to Noise

  Dangerous Goods Storage and Handling (Code of Practice No.27, 2000)

  Preventing electrical shock from power tools and electrical leads

  OHS in schools - A practical guide for school leaders



  South Australia

  Department of Education and Children's Services

  Welding, Metalworking and Woodworking plant and equipment

  Gen 1 Electrical Requirements for Plant      

  Gen 2 Corded Portable Electrical Power Equipment      

  Gen 3 Electrical Switchgear           

  Gen 6 Tag and Lockout of Plant      

  Gen 7 Leaking Acetylene Cylinders      

  Gen 8 Overheated Acetylene Cylinders      

  Gen 9 Leaking LPG Cylinders

  Risk Assessment Process Part A      

  Risk Assessment Matrix for Plant      

  Design & Technology Risk Assessment (doc 250kb)


  Risk Assessments

  Band Saw     

  Belt-Disc Sander      

  Bench Grinder      

  Buff GMF      

  Circular Saw      

  Cold Saw      

  Drill Press 8SN Series 3      

  Drill Press 2      

  Gas Welding      



  Injection Moulder      

  Metal Lathe      

  Milling Machine - Hercus 0      

  Milling Machine - Vertical      

  Pedestal Grinder      

  Power Hacksaw      

  Radial Arm Saw      

  Router Table/Makita Router      

  Surface Planer      

  Wood Lathe


  Hazard Alerts

  Treadle Guillotine (June 06)     

  Thickness Planer Safety (April 04)      

  Surface Planer Guarding (Nov 03)      

  Electric Welding Safety (Oct 03)      

  Metal Lathe (Sept 02)      

  Bandsaw (June 02)


  Maintenance Schedules


  Belt Disc Sander      

  Buffing Machine      

  Circular Saw      

  Cold Saw      

  Compressor Large Fixed      

  Compressor Portable      

  Disc Sander      

  Drill Press      

  Engine Stationary Stand      

  Gear Headed Drill      

  Injection Moulder      

  Metal Lathe      

  Milling Machine - Horizontal      

  Milling Machine - Vertical      

  Milling/Drilling Machine      


  Pedestal Grinder 200mm      

  Pedestal Grinder 350mm      


  Portable Spot Welder      

  Power Hack Saw      

  Radial Arm Saw      

  Router Table      

  Shaping Machine      

  Spray Painting Plant      


  Vehicle Hoist      

  Welder Gas Metal Arc      

  Welder Gas Tungsten Arc      

  Welder Manual Metal Arc      

  Welding Gas      

  Wood Lathe


  Guidelines for the Safe Use of Machinery

  Part 1      

  Part 2 A Buffing Machine      

  Part 2 B Cold Saw      

  Part 2 C Drilling Machine      

  Part 2 D Grinding Machines     

  Part 2 E Mill Drill      

  Part 3 F Bandsaw      

  Part 3 G Circular Bench Saw      

  Part 3 H Disc Sander      

  Part 3 I Radial Arm Saw      

  Part 3 J Surface Planer      

  Part 3 K Thickness Planer      

  Part 3 L Wood Lathe & Reference


  Machine Guarding - Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  Abrasive Cut Off Saw      

  Air Compressor - Fixed      

  Air Compressor - Portable      

  Automotive Parts Washer      


  Bandsaw Horizontal Metal      

  Bench Shears      

  Bending Rolls      

  Buffing Machine      

  Compound Mitre Saw      

  Drill Gear Headed      

  Drill Press      

  Grinder - Bench      

  Grinder - Pedestal      


  Injection Moulder      

  Lathe - Metal      

  Lathe - Wood      

  Mill Drill      

  Milling Machine      


  Pan Brake      

  Plasma Cutter      

  Router Table      

  Sander Disc Belt      

  Sander Disc      

  Saw - Circular      

  Saw - Cold      

  Saw - Power Hack      

  Saw - Radial Arm      

  Saw - Scroll      

  Shaping Machine      

  Spray Painting Plant      

  Stationary Engine      

  Surface Planer      


  Vehicle Hoist      

  Welder - Spot      

  Welding - Arc      

  Welding - MIG      

  Welding - Oxy A3      

  Welding - Oxy A4      

  Welding - TIG





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